QualityX and AAIC teams up to deploy AI DevOps QA engineers


Frisco, USA, May 15th, 2024 – QualityX, the leading provider of AI DevOps QA engineers and builders, today announced its exclusive partnership with Applied AI Consulting (AAIC), an AWS Advanced Consulting partner.

With QualityX, customers automate QA workflows, generate tests scripts, copilot code generation and economically manage incremental tests for cloud, API, LLM and more. QualityX scales up product releases to allow its customers to deliver products that drive their net retention revenue and their business growth.


QualityX is partnering with AAIC to leverage their 10+ years of DevOps QA expertise and their global delivery capabilities to frictionlessly deploy AI products for its customers.

The partnership between QualityX and AAIC will solve day-to-day problems for customers to safely release their inner and outer loop applications. This partnership will also offer QualityX the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading DevOps, QA experts and other AI-driven organizations to make its AI Builders better.


“Partnering with AAIC marks a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing the DevOps QA industry with AI,” said Shakeel Itoola, Ceo of QualityX. “This partnership enables us to deliver a turnkey solution for our customers that combines human expertise, AI advancements and best-in-class support. Our team is excited to leverage AAIC’s expertise and DevOps QA hands-on experience to make our groundbreaking AI Builders real for our enterprise customers”.

QualityX AI Builders, built on agentic AI principles, function like a human employee, understanding the context and instructions provided in natural language, prioritizing tasks, reasoning through acquired knowledge, adapting to context and executing actions based on changing expectations and conditions.
QualityX is a natural fit for AAIC, as it allows AAIC to deliver high end DevOps QA AI services to its global customers.


“This partnership represents a pivotal step forward in our mission to redefine the landscape of DevOps QA through AI innovation” said Sanju, Chief Growth Officer of AAIC. “This collaboration empowers us to deliver comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate AI advancements with our extensive industry experience. We’re thrilled to leverage QualityX’s expertise to enhance our offerings and drive tangible value for our clients, accelerating their journey towards digital transformation.”


About QualityX

QualityXis building the foundation for the future of business operations testing by automating the most complex and time-consuming release QA tasks with AI builders.
Our AI capabilities, combined with unique ‘human in the loop’, help our customers solve their day-to-day product release quality problems. More at QualityX.io

Contact us at tia@qualityx.io

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