QualityX AI Builders: the next generation DevOps QA engineers


As someone who is committed to driving innovation and efficiency through AI adoption, I’ve witnessed myself the persistent challenges in software quality testing within enterprises for internal and external loop applications. Despite advances in software testing, organizations often struggle with high costs, complexity, and inadequate testing coverage. This is where AI, with its transformative capabilities, plays a pivotal role.

Leading tech companies like Google and Microsoft have championed the concept of “Paired Engineering and Copilots,” emphasizing the collaborative synergy between AI and human expertise. This approach is crucial for addressing the complexities of enterprise-grade software releases and accelerating testing release cycles.

While tools like GitHub CoPilot, Codeium and CodeWhisperer have expedited coding processes, they fall short when it comes to addressing the intricate demands of enterprise scale quality testing. These tools often lack the nuanced understanding of the testing context, specialized knowledge and regulatory complexities.

All enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver more applications within tight timelines, risking compromised software quality, customer attrition and potential revenue loss.
To address this challenge, we launched our AI Copilot in October 2023 that leverages over two decades of enterprise software QA expertise. But the feedback from our early adopters indicated that there was a need for more granular controls, low coding integrations with CICD frameworks, and LLM capabilities to unlock the knowledge hidden in tools like Jira, Figma, Slack, Swagger and more.

So, we took a pause and went back to the drawing board to rethink our approach.

And today, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking AI DevOps QA Builders – these AI systems are built on agentic AI principles, they function like a human employee, they can apply the software quality testing context to instructions provided in natural language, they can prioritize tasks, reasoning through acquired knowledge, and they can execute actions based on changing quality expectations and conditions.
And of course, we will continue to build other AI systems that will focus on emotional and behavioral intelligence, reflection capabilities and chain of thought artifacts so that our AI Builders can better emulate human reasoning to execute tasks with precision and predictability.

Last but not least, our AI Builders are not replacements for DevOps QA teams; they are strategic allies to help them untangle the complexities of modern software testing and always release quality inner and outer loop applications with confidence.

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and excellence and together, let’s harness AI to elevate DevOps and software QA testing to new heights.

About QualityX

QualityX is building the foundation for the future of business operations testing by automating the most complex and time-consuming release QA tasks with AI builders.

Contact us at tia@qualityx.io

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